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Most homeowners are equipped to do some of the repairs that your home needs on a day-to-day basis. You can change a light, put new batteries in the smoke detector, replace the filter in the refrigerator etc. The one area that most homeowners don’t have the skills to deal with, and probably should not try to deal with, is plumbing. Dealing with a plumbing emergency means that you need to deal with a pro. Finding a good plumber who you can count on to give you good service at a fair and competitive price is a bit like finding a unicorn. There really aren’t all that many of them out there. When you do need a trustworthy plumber in Bathurst that you can count on time and time again to deal with your plumbing emergencies and not overcharge you, you want to reach out to the Lindfield Group.

We can deal with all your plumbing emergencies, from a busted pipe to a clogged toilet. We give prompt, excellent customer service and all at a competitive price. You don’t need to call us when it’s an emergency either – we’re happy to do the regular maintenance on all your home’s pipes, taps, toilets, heating systems, hot water tanks, any of the pumping issues that keep your house running smoothly. One way that we save our clients time and money is that we own all the equipment that we use. This fact alone means we very rarely need to rent something to finish the job. When you’re looking for excellent plumbing services in Bathurst, we are the number to call.

Plumbers in Bathurst that you can trust

When you’re looking for plumbers in Bathurst, there are several things keep in mind.

Never let any plumber give you a cost estimate over the phone. Most plumbers are more than happy to come out see the work that needs to be done and then give you an estimate on how much is going to cost. In this latter case the estimate will probably be very close to your final total, give or take some last-second problems that may pop up during the repairs. A plumbing estimate given over the phone will almost always be off-base. It’s a little like asking your car mechanic to provide you with an estimate on a repair job without him or her having seen your car.

Never be afraid to ask about the qualifications of your plumber. For instance, when a plumber comes out to give you an estimate, you should ask if he’ll be the person who will be doing the work. If not, ask him who that will be and the details about this other person’s experience and qualifications. A trustworthy plumber will not hesitate to answer all your questions in a friendly and professional manner. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Service second to none

We’re a local company, and we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best service possible. We have everything that you need when it comes to your plumbing problems or emergencies. Our talented staff are all friendly professionals who are happy to answer any of your questions. Best of all you can count on getting a fair and competitive price. When you’re looking for quality plumbing services in Bathurst, that you can trust and build a relationship with, don’t hesitate to reach out and call us today.