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There may be many reasons why you are looking for a hot water heater installation in Orange. You might be tired of costly electricity bills and you’ve probably heard that gas is cheaper than electric. Perhaps you are looking to convert your home from an electric water heater to a gas system. It could be something spurred by a failure of your old system or just a need to upgrade to something more current. Maybe your electric water heater stopped working or just isn’t performing as well as it used to, and you’ve finally decided to make the switch to gas. It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is; the Lindfield Group can accommodate your needs, no matter how small or large the job is.

Why Choose Gas over Electricity?

Gas has many uses in your home: to cook, to run your hot water heater, and to keep your home warm. While electricity obviously has its place, you might be better off in the long run with choosing gas for things like your hot water heater in Orange.

Gas is a non-renewable energy source consisting of an odourless and colourless fossil fuel. It is a clean, efficient, economical, and reliable source of energy. Unlike electricity, gas prices don’t fluctuate all day long, costing more during peak hours. This can make your hot water heater more efficient to run and save a lot of money over time on your energy bills. You’ll spend more money initially when installing a gas water heater in Orange, but you’ll see greater savings on your energy bill over the long term.

A gas water heater is a better choice for larger families. If it gets emptied quickly by multiple family members taking long showers, the recovery time is quicker than electric hot water heaters. This means you are more likely to get a nice hot shower before going to work, and that is always a better way to start your day. It also means less bickering between family members over who took all the hot water. A happier family means your life is easier. Also, a larger tank is needed on electric units because they run at night during off peak hours. A gas water heater can run as needed during the daytime hours so you have hot water on demand.

Choose the Lindfield Group for Water Heater Installation in Orange

The Lindfield Group has been doing water heater installations in Orange for well over a decade. We employ over two dozen locals and are proud of our Australian roots. Our team focuses on providing prompt, courteous, and efficient customer service. We want you to be satisfied with the outcome so you will call on us again. We provide high quality work at competitive prices. Gas installation in Orange can be performed on existing homes, but we do new construction as well. For an estimate, give us a call or fill out our quote form online. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to working with you.