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It can be hard to appreciate the use of natural gas in our homes since often we are not aware of the different ways that it is used. The most apparent use of natural gas in the house is its use in heating our homes during the colder months. In addition to heating our homes, natural gas can also be used to heat our water, cook our food, light a fire, or even to cool our homes, in the case of a gas-powered air conditioning unit. All the gas-powered appliances in our homes rely on the same installation of pipes for gas circulation. With wear and tear, these pipes will eventually need replacement and repair by an experienced plumber. For your gas installation and repair needs in Orange, consider coming to the Lindfield Group.

Lindfield group

The Lindfield Group is a group of experienced, local people providing services in the general home maintenance industry. Our employees have experience in roofing, civil services, maintenance, plumbing, and much more. Our main office is stationed in Orange, and we pride ourselves on our more than 10 years of dedicated service to our customers in NSW Central West. One of our greatest strengths in our line of work is that we own and operate all our own equipment, as opposed to having to work with other companies for their equipment. The ultimate benefit of having our own equipment goes to our customers, who receive reduced turnaround times and save more money as a result. We can offer the full range of plumbing services for your home.

Need a gas plumber in Orange?

It is a common mistake to think that plumbers only deal with the leaky pipes underneath your kitchen sink. Plumbers are trained to install, repair and be comfortable with any of the piping and fittings in your house that deal with water supply, sanitation, or heating. With this in mind, plumbers have experience with not just water piping, but also gas piping.

The plumbers of The Lindfield Group are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial contexts. If you’re moving into a new home with your family or refitting the plumbing of your house in Orange, you’ll need professionals to ensure proper gas pipe installation. Improper installation can lead to dangerous leaks, especially with gas pipes since these leaks are not always immediately apparent. We don’t want you to be caught freezing in your own home without proper natural gas heating, so contact us for an installation today.

Of course, with time, your gas plumbing may fail as well. Multiple seasons of use may cause a pipe to burst or a gas line to become warped. These deformities will result in dangerous gas leaks if not taken care of quickly. Our plumbers are trained to look at your problem and quickly zero-in on the cause, enabling them to fix the issue quicker and get your house operating correctly as soon as possible. We take great care in explaining our process so that our clients have the necessary information and feel fully comfortable with our work. Trust the Lindfield Group with your gas repair and installation in Orange today!